Dr. Maria Berenice Dias


This page contains a brief sample of short works by Dr. Maria Bereice Dias translated from the Portuguese language into English by Paul Beppler (please see Riolingo.com).

Dr. Maria Berenice Dias is an apellate judge and member of the Tribunal of Justice of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, located in the capital city of Porto Alegre, in Brazil.

She is a well-known speaker, a prolific author and an outspoken advocate for human and civil rights for all. Her book Manual de Direito das Famílias (2005) is one of her most recent great contributions to the field of family law in Brazil.

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Some of her short essays translated are:

The queen of the home

AIDS and the law

A disservice to women

Manifesto on rape

Violence against women

Legal abortion

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Maria Berenice Dias